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Pozdravljeni v Sentjostu

Welcome to Šentjošt

Sentjost Description
    Šentjošt, about a happy home in front of which stands my father...
Cerkev Sv. Jost, Sentjost The Saint Jost Church in Šentjošt
    In past centuries the church St. Jošt was a branch of Polhov Gradec parish. Although it is only mentioned in writing in 1526. Precious church records extend its origination back to the middle ages.
Cerkev Sv. Janez, Sentjost Bells in Šentjošt's churches
    The oldest bell in Slovenia made in 1354. Upon is written: »Vincenci molded me«. The second is from around the year 1400, as tradition says. Upon it is inscribed: »Mother Mary, Mother of Grace«.
Sentjost Šentjošt yesterday
    Accurate information from 1937. Organizations and cicles, which functioned before world war II. Another description of Šentjošt goes also before the 2nd world war.
Cerkev Sv. Andrej, Planina Chapel of Martyrs
    in memory of the victions of comunist violence in Šentjošt.
Cerkev Sv. Andrej, Planina Šentjošt Parish
    Description and pictures of all 5 churches, history of the parish. Saint Jošt is the oldest church in Slovenija, bell founder Vivencius in the year 1354.
Zemljevid deska Map of Šentjošt
    Where is Šentjošt
Blagajana Landscape Portrait
    Significant is agitated relief, contrast between valley and hill edges and a rich waterworld.
Desetina GD Sentjost Statistical Information
    Census and population grouth, sea tevels
Kmecki Kruh in Jabolka Activities of the Horjul Valley
    The predominate activites in the Horjul Valley are farming and forestry.
Slovenska narodna nosa Photo Gallery
    More than 200 pictures of Šentjošt's hills and valleys. Churches....
Ljubljana Suburb of Šentjošt- Ljubljana
    Capital city of Slovenija (Ljubljana) with 280.000 inhabitants is one of the smallest European capitals.

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